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The road to the first 300-Why You Should Become a Member of VoicesNotes?

Becoming a member of VoicesNotes has its advantages, whether you’re supporting what we do and want to help our content continue to grow or you just want to find more stories like the ones in this newsletter. As a member, you’ll gain access to more content that will further engage your mind, keep you thinking, and provide practical wisdom to use in your everyday life—all while helping support VoicesNotes so we can continue providing thought-provoking stories like these.

Supporting freelance writers is vital. They don’t work in an office, they may not have health insurance, and they might need some help to get by during those slow months. That’s why you should become a member at VoicesNotes. Not only will you be supporting independent media (you are using independent media for all your stories, right?), but you’ll also get access to exclusive content by your favorite freelance writers as well as myself!

When we are in a community with people like us, we not only support one another, but we give each other permission to try new things. In our culture being in a community is seen as a benefit for something you already have or have already achieved. This can be dangerous when it prevents us from growing. Learning to be in a community with others at every stage is so much more helpful and healing. By belonging to something together, we also open ourselves up to greater possibilities than what could ever be possible individually.

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