May 4 • 2M

VoiceNotes #004

Melodies, Beats, and Lyrics: The impact of a personal life soundtrack

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This audio newsletter explores what happens when you apply a bit more curiosity to life. The art of being curious is spotting the difference between a good question and a great question. As a practice, curiosity embraces the magic of a great query. It takes audacity to say "I don't know" because a search for an answer is so special. Because asking the greater question even is just as valuable as alighting upon an answer. Trading the safety of cynicism that is so prevalent in adulthood for the possibility of adventure is my invitation to you. Consider the possibility that the joy and pleasure of childlike curiosity can move mountains as powerfully as seriousness and pain. Like Alice, I invite you to unabashedly pursue wonder. Doing so means allowing yourself to fall down the rabbit hole.
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Producer’s Commentary

What is a personal soundtrack, but a world we build for ourselves to live in, that is composed of melodies, beats, and lyrics? We have a song for everything--the moment you began your first job, where you were when you heard that news story about a tragedy, or how the music made you feel when you went on that first date. Music is linked to more than physical moments. They are portals to a catalog of emotional memories from different points in life. It can point to places in our lives that remind us of how we've grown--or where we need to work. 

For example, I recently told someone about a moment I'd had during my quarter-life crisis--I was standing at a bus stop on my way to a job that I didn't actually hate. I had headphones on and was listening to my recently purchased Black-Eyed Peas CD- Elephunk. By the time the bus was arriving, I had reached track #4 titled Hey Mama-, and I somehow had spiraled into an existential life crisis and was weeping at this bus stop--and was, from what I remember inconsolable. Don't ask me what triggered the lament, but I definitely remember the music. The entire scene would have fit perfectly into a coming-of-age movie--I was definitely giving main character angst.

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